Jeng Jin Car Audio Co., Ltd.--Car audio, amplifiers, audio-video systems, car audio amplifiers

Established in 1974, Jeng Jin Car Audio Co., Ltd. develops solutions based on its extensive knowledge of in-car environment to create the best sound for drivers and passengers. The company's own brand of FOCUS AUDIO has grown into a leading car-audio brand in Taiwan, commanding over half of the high-end car-stereo aftermarket.

Jeng Jin is committed to providing audio products that allow users to have the most comprehensive, most satisfactory experience of multimedia environment, where audio, video and communications systems are integrated, including top-end amplifiers, speakers, sub-woofers, and many more.

A recent example of Jeng Jin's strong R&D capability and production quality is the SX6 six-channel line-output connector, which is a sophistically designed signal-integration platform that can effectively upgrade your car-stereo sound effects without the need to modify the original equipment.